2009-09-17 / Editorial

What do we do with Ft. Getty?


Islanders should pay attention over the next couple of weeks as town officials grapple with the future of Ft. Getty.

At 9 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 24, the Ft. Getty Master Plan Committee will meet to determine what questions will be on a survey to assess the opinion of Jamestown residents. The committee is seeking islanders’ input on what they would like to see at the town-owned park.

Several questions come to mind:

1. Should the town recreation department offer a community sailing program? Ft. Getty, with its protected scenic Dutch Island Harbor, is a great place to sail a small boat. The program could be as simple as sailing lessons for kids and adults. Or, the town could also make sailing dinghies available for rental to town residents.

2. Does the town need more short-term camping spaces? Transient campers (those staying for only a few days) often find there is no room available at Ft. Getty.

3. Is more room needed at Ft. Getty for hourly vehicle and boat trailer parking? There is no trailer parking available at the East Ferry town beach, where there is a boat ramp, but there is parking for trailers at Ft. Getty. Is it enough parking? Does it meet the needs of the community?

4. Should the pavilion be upgraded? How?

5. Should the public restrooms at the campground be improved? How about the restrooms for the campers?

6. Are there other ways that Ft. Getty can be improved to serve town residents? Are more hiking trails needed?

On Saturday, Oct. 3, there will be a “town hall”-style meeting to obtain input from Ft. Getty campers.

Of course, any and all improvements at Ft. Getty will cost money and will have to be funded by the Jamestown taxpayers.

– Jeff McDonough

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