2009-09-17 / Letters to the Editor

Read ‘Dismissed with Prejudice’

It was good to read Milton Bickford’s letter in the ProJo’s Saturday, Sept. 5, issue on his rereading of “Dismissed with Prejudice” and his well-taken points, especially on the lack of expressed opposition from area yacht clubs et al. to Weaver Cove Energy’s LNG tanker-berthing platform proposal. That lack is hard to understand given the importance of the issue.

Such a facility would bring great displacement of traffic in the bay and risk of horrific accident. Also, it brings up the whole issue of big shipping and big commerce, with corporate power and will behind them, getting a foothold in Narragansett Bay.

In size and scale, Rhode Island and the Bay are far, far smaller than other U.S. states and bays, and cannot ever accommodate big shipping commerce and extensive recreational use at the same time – it’s simply either/or. I expect most Rhode Islanders would prefer the direction of recreational use and small business over the direction leading toward the industrialization of southern R.I.

The interests of the recreational use direction need empowerment, however, and I hope some combining of concerns will come up and pull together a will to action, as happened with the Commerce Oil proposal in the 50s and the container megaport idea in the 90s.

Do read “Dismissed with Prejudice” 1994, by Terrence F. and Mary Stearns McGaughan for inspiration and the story of how a few Jamestowners led and won a diffi cult and persistent battle against formidable odds when Commerce Oil attempted to build a refinery on Jamestown. Their efforts were followed soon by the Save the Bay organization, which has protected and enhanced the beautiful and peaceful character of Narragansett Bay for 50 years.
Joan F. Stickley

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