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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro
I have been on an adventure. I woke up on a Wednesday morning with some breathing difficulties and Mim called 911. In a short time, a patrolman arrived at our door, followed by the Jamestown Emergency Medical Services ambulance. The very professional and friendly crew soon had me aboard and we shook, rattled and rolled over the bridge and through the back streets of Newport to the hospital and into the emergency room. My thanks to the crew.

Folks, the JEMS is in bad need of new wheels. If you’re writing checks this weekend, write an extra one as a donation made out to the organization and send it to 11 Knowles Ct., Jamestown, 02835. Thank you!

I remained at the hospital for a week, first in the ICU for two days, and then on the fourth floor. Words cannot convey my deepest respect and affection for Dr. Joe England and his colleagues, the very professional and wonderful nursing staff, technicians and housekeepers. And, the food is good. My stay was a very pleasant experience.

We’re extremely fortunate to have this hospital just 20 minutes away.

My apologies to those requesting insertions in the Sept. 10 issue. We’ll try to catch up. Thanks again to all.


Terry Horsley will play the role of Willy Wonka in the Jamestown Community Theatre’s musical production of that name in November.

Others cast are: Matilda, Julia Hirsch; Sarah, Jolie Curran; Janine, Madeline Brown; Phineous Trout, Joshua Brown; Mr. Bucket, Jeff Kerr; Mrs. Bucket, Jenna Regan; Grandpa George, Tot Wright; Grandma Georgina, Carol Hopkins; Grandma Josephine, Patti Vandal; Grandpa Joe, Tom Wiggins; Charlie Bucket, Caellum Kerr; Mrs. Gloop, Mary S. Wright: Mrs. TeeVee, Rebecca Brazil; Mike TeeVee, Caleb Brown; Augustus Gloop, Jan Trousilek; Veruca Salt, Dana Larkin; Hilda, Simone Grieco; Mr. Salt, Sam Genio; Mrs. Beauregard, Laura Smith; Violet Beauregard, Natalie Toland and Daffodil, Violet’s sister, Colette Baker.

The Oompa Loompas and Candy Man/Chorus Kids are: Kit Kat, Ed Silvia Jr.; Butterscotch, Irene Silvia; Hershey, Julia Hirsch; M & M, Emma Kerr; Baby Ruth, Colette Baker; Snickers, Lauren Toland; Milky Way, Sarah Farrelly; Necco, Madeline Brown; Caramello, Simone Grieco; Reeses Pieces, Lily Wright; Twix, Madeline Hirsch; Cotton Candy, Abigail Hirsch; Charms, Aliza Gomez; Gummi Bear, Alyssa Gibbs; Twizzler, Michelle Gibbs; Junior Mints, Hope Darrigan; Skittles, Ula McCarthy; Starburst, Julie Adams; Oh Henry, Henry Benson; Butterfinger, Hope Benson; Raisinet, Anza Di- Gasper; Tootsie Roll, Jolie Curran; Almond Joy, Alex Trousilek; Candy Cane, Rachel Warner and Gumdrop, Hanna Geib. Kudos to all, break a leg!


Beth Weibust writes that Robin Sweet retired in June after 30- plus years of teaching in Jamestown. She says that Robin is one of the most beloved teachers of all time, and former students return to visit for years after leaving her class – and she always has time for each and every one of them for as long as they need.

“She is everything a teacher should be and we all felt privileged to be able to know her as a colleague, a friend and a member of the community. We (Jamestown teachers, past and present) are in the process of planning her retirement party to be held in early October. I will be going to classrooms at Lawn Avenue and asking 6th, 7th and 8th graders to describe in writing (a sentence or two) a favorite memory of her or merely to describe why she is so ‘sweet’ and I will be compiling their thoughts into a visual display for her. Well, scores and scores of former students, including my 27- and 21-year-old, no longer in our school have plenty to say about her, too. So I thought that if you could mention this in your column and print my email, bweibust@aol.com, she would be thrilled to hear from all of those now in their teens, 20s and 30s. I would like to include their names with their comments. They should e-mail me by Sunday, Sept. 20, so that I can get it together in time for the party.


Postal Service letter carrier Peter Mullen quietly rapped on our back door Saturday and handed me the mail. He said there was an envelope with a picture in it and he didn’t want to bend it by putting in the mailbox. Kudos, Peter.


Barbara-Ann MacIntosh had the poser from the Aug. 27 column. It was, indeed, “Because of You.” She also has the Jamestown Community Chorus’ lyrics from the Sept. 3 issue. She writes, “’Mr. Sandman’ is one of my favorites. As a barbershopper, it’s a golden oldie. When I was young, I used to watch the Arthur Godfrey Show with my grandfather. I was so interested in the quartet of women that sang ‘Mr. Sandman,’ one member of the quartet sang lower than I had heard a woman sing. She was the bass and they were the Chordettes. Little did I know that I would grow up and get to know Margie Latzko, she was the baritone in the quartet. Margie married Walter Latzko, he arranged ‘Mr. Sandman.’ He did all the charts for the Godfrey Show. I got to know both of them because Walter became an extraordinary arranger and judge in the Barbershop Harmony Society and judged contests for years for Harmony Inc., of which I am a member. The first time I sang ‘Mr. Sandman’ was so exciting.”

And, from John Wright, “Hair like Liberace is from the song ‘Mister Sandman.’ I like the version by Les Paul & Mary Ford the best. Like John David Duffy, I’m sorry I missed the Carr/Clarke reunion, as well as my 60th high school reunion. Sometimes the old body just won’t do what you want it to. As a bit of information, my grandfather, Thomas D. Wright, was the builder of Riven Rock in 1911. My best to all my remaining friends. I am a transplanted Buckeye, but my roots are still in Jamestown.”


My sister-in-law sent along websites that offer free food for shelter animals if people click on them every day. You can sign up for a daily auto reminder. The sites are: www.freekibble. com and www.animalrescuesite. com. She says there is no cost to participate. “The free kibble has daily questions for both dogs and cats and it is a fun site.”



Jamestown Press Historian Sue Maden wrote in to set the record straight. She said the Harbor View Nursing Home was built by Abbott Chandler and designed by Charles Bevins. She sent along a copy of a photo caption from the Sept. 14, 1984 issue of the Newport Daily News. It reads, “Wreckers from Bilray of Johnston Thursday demolish Jamestown’s Harbor View Nursing Home to make way for a five-unit condominium complex. The Victorian building was built in 1887 and was used as a rooming house and inn before it was a nursing home.”

Thank you, Sue.


Richard Botelho, a past active member of the fire department writes: “I have heard enough about the fire department horn. If, and I hope it never happens, my home catches fire, blow that fire horn till it falls off the roof. If you have lived on the island for longer than 50-plus years, you don’t even hear the horn. Now, what’s that tell you? I suppose if they went to a “paid” fire department, then all the complainants would really have something to [complain] about. It’s my vote to leave some of the ‘old Jamestown’ alone! There are worse pollutants on this island than that horn.”


In reference to our Snapple cap moments, Kel DiLuglio writes that Snapple has added more trivia under the caps of its newly designed bottles. “They have graciously removed the bottle neck’s pesky cellophane. Sales must have been down because it was taking potential drinkers too darn long to actually open and enjoy. I guess the Snapple folks decided they didn’t need to save us from ourselves or anyone else tampering with our well-being.

Here is a new Snapple moment in case you haven’t seen it yet. ‘Neckties were first worn in Croatia, which is why they were called cravats.’ Enjoy your iced tea.”


Get your flu shot from the Wellness Company at the library on Saturday, Sept. 19, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bring your insurance card or $25 if you’re not insured. Questions? Call 423- 7280.



Monday marks the date of the Great Hurricane of 1938.

*** Be true!


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