2009-09-24 / Letters to the Editor

Glass half full, or half empty?

Since I moved into the village, close to the horn, I quickly found it helpful to respond in a positive manner to the horn.

When the “coded” signal (by firebox neighborhood) sounds...


Offer a prayer for those who are in need of help, and then...

Offer thanksgiving that there are those who are prepared/trained to provide help (my family/friends have also adopted this two-step response)!

I recommend this deliberate, positive response to other islanders.

I’m glad of the reminder on a daily basis at noon and at 6 p.m. (although, some may choose to wait until they enter church on Sundays to say “thanks”).

Over the years, I have had friends and family who have needed help.

The “blasts” are coded indicating the neighborhood where help is called for. These “codes” are listed in the front of our island phone directory.

Many of us have adopted the use of cell phones in recent years. But, in certain areas of the island and at unpredictable hours, we discover that having a cell phone is useless or unreliable...the signal doesn’t get through. I would never want to advocate dropping the signal power of the horn in favor of a less reliable alert system. Too many lives are at stake.

When a different system is reliable, and affordable – I’m certain that the fire department and our diligent volunteers will confidently and gladly adopt it. They are our neighbors as well!

In the meantime, remain confi- dent that there is a dedicated team of islanders ready to provide support and care when it’s most needed.
Gayen Thompson

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