2009-09-24 / Letters to the Editor

The law of diminishing returns applies

We will be gone from Ft. Getty at the end of this, our 14th season, and before the open meeting on the fifth of October.

First, Ronnie Parfitt and his two coworkers do an outstanding job mowing the area, they are first-class employees who need no supervision and work is performed in a workman-like manner. Jamestown is lucky to have employees of this caliber. In my opinion, they are due an apology from their detractors.

This is proof that matter tends to run downhill. The complainers easily forget the rain we have had this summer, which both promotes growth and prohibits mowing. If only they could have been here under the prior management.

Please keep it simple – if the town of Jamestown cannot supply the very basics such as clean water, safe electricity and clean rest rooms then they, in good conscience, should close the place down rather than wait for some kid to get electrocuted while playing under a trailer. Or disease is spread from the water or rest rooms. The “best and the brightest” are not enough if they can’t identify the problem with the electrical power and fix it. I believe it is the Grid’s money.

Don’t make any grandiose plans based on the idea you have 102 people waiting to get in here. If you had such a number, why was it possible for a friend to call and be given a choice of sites? He picked one and went off to purchase a trailer. It is clear former campers dropped out and with 102 people on a waiting list, you could not fill their sites from the alleged waiting list.

You report that the 2005 Ft. Getty Master Plan states the town could finance Ft. Getty initiatives by yearly increases in all fees at Ft. Getty. The problem is you instituted increases in the fees, but provided nothing in return. The campers responded by not returning. The law of diminishing returns applies.

Any of those huge bus-like RVs has 50 amps. Ft. Getty can make a choice and prohibit their entrance. Lawful? One sees all sorts of restrictions on entry to private campgrounds. You may wonder how they draw 50 amps when the outlets provide but 30 amps. One can attach a splitter to their power cord. Then plug one in the 30-amp outlet and one into the 20-amp outlet. Therefore if one of these big rigs is in here, they are using 50 amps. Ft. Getty is a campground and one wonders how these big riggers define “camping.”

In my opinion, the town of Jamestown needs to apply its attention to key basic problems at Ft. Getty or close up shop. It borders on gross negligence to be aware that there is stray current here that well may kill a child, have plugged toilets which may spread disease or an unsafe water supply.
Walter J. Bennett
Site 33a
Ft. Getty campground
Boynton Beach, Fla.

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