2009-09-24 / News of Record


A story in the Sept. 17 edition of the Jamestown Press quoted Dee Hellewell as saying that it “took some time for the family to be notified by the police…” Hellewell claims that the statement attributed to her is inaccurate. She says, “…I was totally amazed to read my ‘statement’ that it took some time for the family to be notified by the police. Again, the police had not called them before, or after, the father called me…”

Hellewell was also quoted in the story as saying, “I don’t know if there are any ordinances about this or not, but it is a major problem.” She claims that statement is also inaccurate and says – “My husband had asked for and received a copy of the ordinance, which prohibits all conveyances except baby-carriages from sidewalks, on Wednesday, Sept. 2, when he filed for a police report, so, obviously, my answer would have been, ‘Yes, we have a copy of the town’s long-standing, but not enforced prohibition.’”

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