2009-10-01 / Editorial

Volunteers make Jamestown work

Volunteers are essential to the success of Jamestown as a vibrant community. No matter which direction one turns on this small island, you’ll find that there is a dedicated corps of volunteers who keep our town running smoothly.

Take a minute to think about all the places where volunteers are vital to the mission: Jamestown’s churches, the library, the historical society, the fire and emergency responders, the community theater and chorus, the lighthouse museum, the island garden clubs, the humane society, the food pantry, the land trust, and the boys’ and girls’ scouting organizations.

But that’s not all. The island is also home to a couple of arts organizations, senior citizen groups, a community farm, political committees, school groups, Lions and Rotary clubs, sports leagues, a medical fund, neighborhood associations and many other civic and community groups.

Volunteers are also essential to the workings of our town government. Although elected positions come with a small stipend, the Town Council and School Committees are true volunteer posts. These folks are the ├╝ber volunteers who put in countless hours to keep our town and schools running smoothly.

Without a doubt, we rely on valued town employees for the critical day-to-day operations of Jamestown. But again we find that it is the numerous volunteers who comprise the many committees, commissions and boards that are important to the functioning of our town.

So, here’s the pitch: Become a town volunteer! Look at the town advertisement on page 13 of this newspaper. The town is currently seeking volunteers to serve on those committees, commissions and boards. Most of these positions require only a few hours of your time and contribute so much to our town.

Be someone special! Do your part for the community and become a volunteer in town government. Send your letter of interest today.

— Jeff McDonough

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