2009-10-01 / Letters to the Editor

Town auction was quite a success

The town auction proved to be a very successful financial endeavor. Thanks to Steve Goslee, the DPW director, for his help in organizing the auction. The main purpose of the auction was to eliminate materials that had been lying around for years, that were not being used and had no projected future use. The best estimate before the auction was that maybe the town would raise about $5,000 with this sale.

The plan that Goslee had for the disposal of these items was to list them on the Internet using Craig’s list, get some positive PR before the sale and do some local advertising. Justin Jobin, the town’s environmental engineer, worked on getting all of the bid requirements, pictures of the equipment and other pertinent information together for the list.

There were 233 separate bids from 65 bidders on 21 pieces of equipment.

Bids ranged from “I’ll take it away for free” to $5,100 for a 175kw generator.

The end result was a surprising $15,496.08 – three times what we were expecting – and the disposal of unwanted materials. The estimate to have these materials simply hauled away was $5,000.
Bill Kelly
Town Council member

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