2009-10-01 / News

Planning Commission readies for public hearing on ordinance

By Erin Tiernan

In a Sept. 24 meeting that lasted just over half an hour, Jamestown Planning Commissioners approved changes to the town’s zoning ordinance regarding affordable housing, which will be sent to the Town Council for discussion and ultimate approval.

A public informational workshop with the council is scheduled at Town Hall for Thursday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m. No decisions will be made, but Town Planner Lisa Bryer said the meeting will act as a precursor for the public hearing, which is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 15, at 7 p.m.

“Both are open to the public, but at the Oct. 8 meeting, there will be no public discussion,” Bryer said. “It’s preparation for the public hearing so that we [the Planning Commission and the Town Council] are all on the same page.”

Much of the meeting time was taken up by a controversy over the changes included in the memorandum approved for receipt by the Town Council.

Commissioner Nancy Bennett said several changes included had not been previously discussed or approved by the commission. She drafted a memo to the Planning Commission; however, it was not discussed because the memo was not an agenda item for the meeting.

Commissioner Gary Girard said Bennett’s concerns could be discussed at the workshop and public hearing meetings.

“We’re sending this to the Town Council and we’re going to get it back after they look at it and make their own changes,” Girard said. “There’s no need to keep beating a dead horse. We can make all the changes at once [at the public hearing], instead of nit picking.”

In other business, Bryer reported that she met with Parks and Recreation Department Director Bill Piva to discuss a new survey that will be administered to residents and taxpayers, probably via the Jamestown Press, researching the public’s thoughts on uses of Ft. Getty and the park’s condition.

“It’s my hope that Ft. Getty will develop into something the taxpayers can enjoy,” Commissioner Richard Ventrone said.

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