2009-10-08 / Letters to the Editor

Ft. Getty is a treasure

Thank you Jamestown for allowing Marlene and me to spend our 35th summer (and 54th wedding anniversary) as residents of Ft. Getty campground. We have traveled and camped throughout the country, and around the world – nothing compares to Ft. Getty. You have well maintained this pristine setting with its magnificent views.

That there is a waiting list of more than 100 families, who spend $10 a year – for years – to become Ft. Getty summer residents speaks volumes about the desirability of this unique location.

It is like a family here. During those rare times during the past 35 years that we have encountered a problem – electrical, water, grass mowing, bathrooms, etc. – a call to the front gate or the office usually resolved the issue as soon as possible.

That quick and efficient problem solving is a tribute to past and present recreation department staff, including Bill Piva, Andrea Masterson, Ron Parfitt, Andrew Rushton and the “Gate Guys: Bobby, Jan, Jim, John, etc.”

We also appreciate the fact that Ft. Getty is an efficiently run business, generating $310,000 in net income, reducing individual property taxes by an average of $70 a year. Fiscally responsible decision makers have successfully resisted well intentioned, but unnecessary changes, which could have increased, rather than decreased, individual property taxes.

As a former municipal employee (teacher and administrator), I know what tight budgets and the demand for services are. That Bill Piva and his extraordinary staff are able to accomplish so much with their fiscally responsible budget is truly amazing. And they are always there when you need them, always willing to go the extra distance, always eager to “make things right.”

Are there things that need improving at Ft. Getty? Of course – it is a huge, complex operation. We are confident that the necessary improvements will be prioritized and accomplished in a fiscally responsible, systematic manner.

We are also confident that Ft. Getty will continue to be maintained as the unspoiled, magnifi- cent treasure that it is.
Don and Marlene Snyder
Westfield, Mass.

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