2009-10-15 / Editorial

Tonight’s your chance to comment on proposed town zoning changes

There’s an important meeting at Town Hall tonight. The Town Council will have a public hearing on the proposed changes to the Jamestown Zoning Ordinance.

Last week, the Planning Commission presented the ordinance revision to the Town Council. You can read about that meeting, starting on page one of this newspaper.

The revision of the town’s zoning code has been a long process, more than three years in the making and the topic of much coffee shop banter.

It all started with the Jamestown Village Charrette. Residents were asked to participate in a workshop and share their opinions and visions for the community. That information was then studied and distilled and eventually transformed into the proposed zoning ordinance revisions now under discussion.

The Planning Commission meetings have been open to public input during the entire process of drafting the proposed zoning changes and much of the information has been reported in the Jamestown Press.

Public opinion is an important part of the process. Copies of the proposed changes are available at Town Hall. You may also obtain a PDF of the document online at www.jamestownri.net.

Attend tonight’s public hearing and share your thoughts. The Town Council needs to hear from residents before deciding whether or not to approve the far-reaching zoning changes.

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