2009-10-15 / Letters to the Editor

Almanzor is Lawn School’s ‘True North’

Jamestown school children are consistently recognized for numerous achievements. While there may be many reasons for these successes, there is a constant presence that guides them all. For the students at the Lawn Avenue School, the principal, Kathy Almanzor, is that guide.

Mrs. Almanzor is one of those forces of nature that is ever present, but not always seen. She is so efficient and effective at times that she may be taken for granted.

Constantly pushing, subtly coaching, strongly cheering, Mrs. Almanzor is Lawn Avenue School’s “True North.” Her bearings are steady and clear. With an eye to the horizon and her hand fixed on the helm, she continues to chart a course for Jamestown school children that will serve them well in their future.

We are proud to have her as a leader in our educational system and grateful for her tireless enthusiasm, relentless vigor and nurturing demeanor.

Thank you, Mrs. Almanzor!
Ann Zainyeh, Jenn Kittredge-
Clark and Lisa Carlisle
Lawn School
Improvement Team

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