2009-10-15 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to the fire department

We would like to publicly express our gratitude, respect and pride for the Jamestown Fire Department. They volunteer countless hours to train vigorously and to be available at a moment’s notice in order to protect us, our families and friends, our beloved pets and our homes.

We felt we appreciated their incredible efforts before, but we were completely awestricken watching their training drill at my house last Thursday night. Despite being “controlled,” it was an intense and emotional situation.

Everyone, from the most senior to the newest teens, demonstrated respect, coordination, communication, strength and heart. These firefighters are our friends and family, and several individuals thanked us personally for allowing the house to be used to create a more real-life simulation to better prepare them for unexpected dangers.

We are thrilled that #3 Beavertail could give even more during its last days and hope we can encourage more people to donate their soonto be demolished house to this very good cause where we as a community benefit.

Thank you, Fire Department!
Wendy and Sydney

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