2009-10-22 / Editorial

See your tax dollars at work this Saturday


YOU ARE INVITED TO AN OPEN HOUSE from 10 a.m. to noon this Saturday, Oct. 24, at the new town public works facility. Refreshments will be served.

Yup, folks, this is your oppotunity to see how your hard-earned property taxes have been spent by the town. The long-debated, much talked about highway garage has been completed for about two months and is now in use by the town.

Located adjacent to the wastewater treatment plant and the Newport Pell Bridge, there is nothing exciting about the building. It is a basic, practical facility that cost taxpayers $1.5 million. Construction was started about a year ago and was completed on budget.

Town Administrator Bruce Keiser said the new facility is already saving the town money because the town mechanic is able to perform maintenance on police, fire, JEMS and other vehicles. That work was previously out-sourced, he said.

In addition to the giant garage bays, the building includes office space, lockers and showers, and a breakroom/meeting space. It’s a big improvement for the town employees.

Keiser said the highway department is now operating at much–improved efficiency.

For those who follow town politics, this is the first time in a number of Town Council elections that the town highway garage has not been a campaign issue.

— Jeff McDonough

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