2009-10-22 / Letters to the Editor

Running for ‘Hole in the Wall’ camps

My name is David Montoya, and I am running in the upcoming New York City marathon for charity. Recently, as a part of my training, I ran from Beavertail Point to the Mews Tavern, a 20.5-mile run. I would like to thank the Jamestowners who made it to the Mews.

I am the only person from the entire state running for the Hole in the Wall camps. It is a Paul Newman organization that gives kids who are hospitalized with illnesses a chance to go to summer camp.

You can still support the camps by going to www. teamholeinthewall.org. Click on “make a donation,” then “sponsor team member.” Click on the NYC marathon link, type David Montoya and click on my page.

I would greatly appreciate the support.
David Montoya

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