2009-10-29 / Editorial

Return to Ghana detailed in JamestownPress.com blog

Many Jamestown Press readers will recall our trip to Ghana last fall. My wife and I traveled to Africa in search of a young man whom we had been assisting with his education expenses. We blogged about our journey on the Press website.

The whole village turned out to greet us when we arrived in Aboso, Ghana. They were as excited to meet us as we were to meet them. It turned out that our young friend, Safianu Sandah, is an exceptional young student who is studying hard and wants to become an engineer.

The Aboso villagers showed us their schools and then pointed out the ruins of one school building. That school had been destroyed in a violent wind storm the previous year, they said.

The villagers asked Kim and I if we would we help them rebuild the school. At first, we were reluctant and said the project was more than we could handle. But the village is impoverished — little aid, if any, is available. If we didn’t help, who would?

So we have launched the Ghana School Foundation. We recently established a board of directors, which includes several fellow Jamestowners who have generously volunteered their time and wisdom. We plan to raise the necessary funds and rebuild the school in Aboso.

Kim and I are currently on our way to Aboso to meet with the villagers and determine what is needed to accomplish our goal.

You can read more about the Ghana School Foundation and our current trip to Aboso at Jamestown- Press.com. Click on the “Return to Ghana” banner at the top of the homepage.

— Jeff & Kim McDonough

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