2009-10-29 / Letters to the Editor

Study infrastructure before passing zoning

I got up to speak at last week’s zoning code meeting. My comments did not surface in today’s article by Phil Zahodiakin on that meeting, and I understand from one of the board members present that it was difficult to hear my suggestion to study existing town sewer and water infrastructure as a prerequisite to passage of any zoning which may increase or change Jamestown Village density. At the meeting, I noted that problems still exist relating to sewer lines in the Village. Even the town manager told me several months ago that this is the case.

A schematic showing town sewer lines and how they potentially will impact on the buildings in the village should take priority before bring more sewage on line in the area.

For example, there is one sewer line branch that supposedly crosses from Clinton Avenue via a former paper road at 12 Green Lane. Thus, any increase of building density on Clinton Street can impact on Green Lane and Union Street.

It also would be pragmatic if the microphones were improved or sound otherwise enhanced in the brand new Jamestown Town Hall.
Donna Cameron Gricus

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