2009-10-29 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for a great experience

I am writing to thank Jamestown for the time I have had here, first as exhibiting artist and director of the Randall Gallery for two years, and more recently filling the same roles at the Schock Gal- lery at East Ferry.

I am in the process of gifting the gallery to a Jamestown Art Center artists group, a most worthy cause, I feel, and one I am happy to have been able to help promote during my time in Jamestown. They will be expanding gallery operations to include more artists, and offering classes there as well.

I feel strongly that the vision and tradition of a gallery strongly connected to the Jamestown community, started by Nancy and Allan Randall at the Randall Art Gallery, and continued more recently by the member artists of The Schock Gallery, will be best served by the JAC group.

I wish Jamestown the very best. I am especially grateful for the wonderful artists I have had the chance to work with here. Co-op style galleries are typically a real challenge to run, and yet due to the creativity and character of fellow artists Pat Tuff, Barb Huthison, Cindy Blair and Kate Petrie, we had a great two years at the Schock Gallery.

I also am grateful for the The JTPress, Randy and Rena Tyson of R and R Gallery, Matt Clark and Dan Shapiro, as well as all of our wonderful clients. I wish them, and all who support the arts in Jamestown, the very, very best always.
David Schock

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