2009-10-29 / News of Record


8:20 p.m., Oct. 19, EMS 1, Conanicus Avenue, transported.

10:56 a.m., Oct. 20, Knowles Court, refused transport.

9:11 p.m., Oct. 21, EMS 1, America Way, canceled at scene.

3:15 a.m., Oct. 22, EMS 1, America Way, transported.

2:02 p.m., Oct. 23, EMS 1, Beach Avenue, transported.

7:33 a.m., Oct. 24, EMS 1, Schooner Avenue, refused transport.

4:02 p.m., Oct. 24, EMS 1, Pemberton Avenue, transported.

9:30 a.m., Oct. 25, EMS 1, Pemberton Avenue, refused transport.

10:05 a.m., Oct. 25, EMS 1, Pemberton Avenue, transported.

This week, JEMS transported five patients to Newport Hospital, three patients refused transport and one call was canceled at the scene. Trauma calls included contusions on a face and lacerations on an arm. Medical calls included possible ingestion of poisonous berries, head and neck pain, back pain, chest pain and difficulty breathing. One call was for a lift assist.

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