2009-11-05 / About Town

Wind energy committee to hold public workshop on town-owned wind turbines

The Jamestown Wind Energy Committee will hold a public workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 7 p.m. at Jamestown Town Hall to present the results of a feasibility study examining the possibility of erecting one or more town-owned wind turbines.

“This committee has worked hard to learn the complex details of wind-generated electricity and we want as much public discussion as possible before making our recommendation to the Town Council,” said Don Wineberg, committee chair.

The committee will present the study, and receive comments and questions from residents about wind energy and its impact on Jamestown.

The study covers topics such as turbine size, location, noise, environmental impact, shadow flicker, interconnection costs and overall economics. Several of the scenarios developed in the study show a net economic gain for the town.

The study is available for review at www.jamestownri.net, or in hard copy at the Jamestown Philomenian Library and the town planner’s office.

The committee has been researching wind energy since April 2007, and will soon make a formal recommendation to the Town Council either for or against construction of a townowned wind turbine.

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