2009-11-05 / News

Islander publishes practical medical advice guidebook

By Eileen M. Daly

Islander Dr. Joseph Ciabattoni, spent a lot of time as a doctor explaining common medical problems and recommending basic healthcare tools. So much time, in fact, that after his retirement in 2006, he decided to publish a book to help improve the average person’s understanding of basic medical problems.

“Patients often leave their doctor’s office, specialist or emergency room without a clear understanding of their medical problem,” he said. “I recall spending a considerable amount of time explaining medical conditions to patients in terms that they could understand.”

But writing the book turned out to be more difficult than he thought.

“This project took approximately two years to complete and was much more difficult than I ever imagined,” he said.

One of those difficulties was simply getting the book published. But Ciabattoni ultimately decided to tackle the project on his own.

“Getting the attention of a major publisher as a new author is often difficult,” he said. “I decided to make the initial investment and self-publish, knowing that I could later sign with a major publisher. By self-publishing, I own the rights and can sign with a major publisher at any time.”

He described the self-publishing process as agreeable overall.

“There were some technical problems with an indexing program, which were eventually resolved,” he said. The book, “Doctor C’s Medical Guide,” was officially released on Sept. 23 by Xlibris.

Ciabattoni describes the book as “medical knowledge broken down into simple terms.” It emphasizes the use of over-the-counter medications when appropriate, and discusses common everyday medical problems, along with prevention, signs and symptoms, and treatments.

Though he is careful to note that the book is not meant as a substitute for the expertise of a qualified physician, he said the book will help improve the average person’s basic understanding of medical problems and provide them with the tools to better manage their healthcare.

“The guide will also enable the person to ask appropriate questions of their doctor,” he said.

Ciabattoni said he hopes the guide will become a valuable addition to every home and family library and so far, he said, the reviews have been favorable.

“Since the book was just released, there aren’t many reviews, but initial feedback from professional colleagues and the public have been very favorable,” he said.

Ciabattoni clearly has the background to bolster his advice. According to his author’s bio, he earned a B.S. in chemistry from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio in 1962. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from MIT in Cambridge, Mass. in 1965.

Ciabattoni taught at Brown University in Providence as an assistant professor of organic chemistry from 1965 to 1970, and as an associate professor from 1970 to 1973. After being awarded a senior Fulbright- Hays Scholarship at the University of Padova, Italy, in 1972, he went on to attend Yale University, where he received his medical degree. He then practiced internal medicine at R.I. Hospital from 1976 to 1979, and from 1979 until his retirement, he practiced internal medicine in North Providence.

Ciabattoni is currently promoting his book through book signings and lectures. “Dr. C’s Medical Guide” is available online from Xlibris.com, Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble. com. The book may also be ordered from local bookstores, Ciabattoni said.

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