2009-11-19 / Letters to the Editor

Jamestown’s asterisk election

I wish to add to the recent expressions of distain for the lastminute unsigned letter maligning Town Council candidates Bob Sutton and Mike Smith.

Perhaps some good will come of this unfortunate incident by way of public condemnation of this oftenused political snipe in Jamestown’s elections. This is not the first time this trick has been used. The “unscrupulous” have often taken advantage of the fact that Jamestown has only one newspaper publishing only once a week.

Because they are weak and desperate, some use this as a tool to circulate unfounded information that they are too afraid to mention in the light of genuine response. I speak from experience because in most of my four elections, I was targeted by similar allegations.

Fortunately for me, I think the scheme of the perpetrators backfi red on them by showcasing their cowardly endeavors. They were ‘hoisted by their own political petards.’ Unfortunately, in the recent election, it seems the weaklings may have achieved their ill-begotten goals.

The legal ramifications of the misdeed have yet to be determined. At the very least, let us hope that the evident indignation of island residents will serve as notice in future elections, that on Jamestown, this type of foul play will not stand.
David J. Long
Former Town Council

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