2009-11-19 / Letters to the Editor

Monster Ball thank you

The Jamestown Teen Center would like to thank everyone who helped make the Monster Ball a success. Thank you to Chief James Bryer, Captain Keith Godena and the Jamestown Fire Department for allowing us to have a party in your station, and to parent chaperone Andy Ford for giving up your evening to make sure we had enough adults to supervise. Thank you to the Recreation Department for lending us extra staff to make sure we left everything just as we found it.

Thank you to all the parents who donated pizza, drinks and goodies: The Cassidys, the Gaines, the Mastrostefanos, the Murphys, the Roberts, the Sourbeers, the Turillos, the Jamestown PTO and the eighthgrade class. The evening would not have been possible without your generous donations.

Thank you again for supporting Jamestown teens.
Debbie Tungett
Teen Coordinator

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