2009-11-25 / Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your support

Once again, I find myself humbled by the extent of your confidence in and support of my run for Town Council. Thank you very much for your votes and your well wishes.

I promise to continue my service during the next three years with the same sense of integrity and character that has won your backing. While some of the members of the new council view my style of arbitration and fairness as a flaw or weakness, I will continue to conduct myself in a manner that will respect the rights of others to express opinions that differ from mine. I will persist in working for what is best for the town and to help maintain our beautiful and pristine setting.

The Democratic Town Committee of Jamestown is to be commended, once again, for developing a slate of viable candidates and supporting them during the campaign and through Election Day. Many thanks for your endeavors.

Unfortunately, the field of candidates for this election was limited. It would be wonderful to see some of the younger members of our island community become more interested and involved in our electoral process. The participation of a “new guard” would insure that Jamestown continues to flourish and grow in ways that help it to maintain its standing as an “island paradise.”
Michael G. White
Town councilor

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