2009-12-03 / Letters to the Editor

‘A great honor’ for a wonderful man

I have never heard of the Adult Correctional Institute campus. I have worked at the center for over 38 years, and have heard it called many things: State Farm at Howard, the State Institutions, the Rhode Island Medical Center, the Howard Complex, etc.

However, several years ago, the center was renamed the John O. Pastore Center, encompassing the Adult Correctional Institutions, the Eleanor Slater Hospital and, shortly, the motor vehicles registry.

I also recall that Mr. Travisono was the superintendent at the R.I. Training School at Sockanosset, where on Christmas Eve, midnight Mass was held in the school’s chapel. After the service, Mr. Travisono invited all to the superintendent’s cottage for a reception.

The Intake Service Center being named for Mr. Travisono is a great honor for such a wonderful man.
Hilding Munson
South Kingstown

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