2009-12-03 / Letters to the Editor

Pageant originated in Bronxville, N.Y.

I was delighted to learn how much Susan Lutes loved being director of the Shoreby Hill Christmas pageant (Nov. 17, Jamestown Press). When I gave up the job, being away, years ago, I felt as she does – sad, but satisfied.

One little error in the story I’d like to correct. The genesis of the pageant was a copy of the pageant in Bronxville (not the Bronx!). Bronxville, where I grew up, is a village in southern Westchester County, N.Y. It is a small, but tightly knit community with a lot of community spirit – in many ways, quite like Jamestown. I think that’s why the pageant so quickly became a village tradition. Christmas there wasn’t Christmas without practically the whole village gathering together.

Susan was great in having the spirit, and I for one hope it continues.
Jeanne Bunkley

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