2009-12-10 / Letters to the Editor

Everyone shares with our JCT

It is a rare thing to see people ages 6 thru 81 working together in a fun and creative environment. The Jamestown community theatre provides just such an opportunity for all Jamestowners.

I must admit I was a little hesitant to sign my 9-year-old daughter up for their recent production of “Willy Wonka,” knowing the time commitments involved. To my surprise, the play turned out to be an activity the whole family became involved in and enjoyed. Mary Wright and the others worked hard to make sure the younger kids were able to leave rehearsals as early as possible. The only problem was my daughter did not want to leave. She was fully engaged in the process and loved watching the others rehearse. Even my son, who is 6, got a small part.

Both of our kids gained confi dence as the production progressed.

The older actors and backstage crew were wonderful to my son, helping with his line and props. I am so glad to have been involved and to have shared the experience with my kids. We are lucky to have this creative group in our community.
Jane Lee-McCarthy

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