2009-12-10 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Rep. Ruggiero

The eighth-grade class at Jamestown School would like to thank Representative Deb Ruggiero for coming to speak about public policy making. By emphasizing that politics is about making policy and that policy is about making change, Representative Ruggiero highlighted the history of public service and the importance of civic participation.

Her questions for the eighthgrade class stimulated an engaging discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of current policies being considered. Students also appreciated how Representative Ruggiero listened to their comments and concerns.

Representative Ruggiero plans to facilitate another opportunity for students to learn about public policy making, for she invited the eighth-grade class to visit the State House in January. Our thanks again for the time and consideration extended to the eighth-grade class by Representative Ruggiero.
Maureen McGuirl
Lawn Avenue School

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