2009-12-17 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro
HO HO HO! Dear Santa, This is my big, huge Christmas list. I will be good for the rest of the year, the whole year, can you believe it? Thank you for coming to town.

I love you, Matthew.

List: Bounceback racer radio controlled Lego power miners rock wrecker, Hot Wheels Dino- World, Cars Race-O-Rama, Tonka construction vehicles, Matchbox classic garage, Matchbox Rocky the Robot truck, Wall-E U-command, Fast Lane radio control JLX Overdrive, Razor MX 40 Dirt Rocket, Razor electric scooter, Razor Ground Force GoKart and “Up” movie.

Dear Santa

I want a snow globe, Wii and Rockem-sockem Robots.

Love, Caleb

The following was unsigned, but Santa knows who she is:

Dear Santa, Marry Christmas!!! When the time comes here are some questions: Do you get Christmas presents? When is your birthday? Do you rest? Here is my Christmas list. The things with stars are the things I really want please! Try to get them: *Barbie 3 Musketeers Castle, *Barbie 3, Musketeers (Crinne doll, Viveca Aramie doll, Renne doll), *Barbi 3 Musketeers magical balloon carriage, *Girl Tech Password Journal design pack, *Hello Kitty makeup and beauty case, FAO Schwartz big piano, Fisher Price Kidtough digital camera, the Princess and the Frog book and Barbie wedding day set.


Maggie Grenier writes, “Sue Brayman and I would like to thank all the donors who contributed cash, gift cards and food items that made this year’s Salvation Army Thanksgiving drive a success. The donations were outstanding! We had very full turkey baskets. Jamestown residents are always there to help their neighbors who are in need. A big thank you.”


The Jamestown Animal Clinic’s Dr. Joshua Hatch has some pet tips for the holidays.

“In order to avoid spending hard-earned holiday money on emergency veterinary bills, it is important to keep your pet in mind this time of year. First off, keep all tinsel, ribbon and bows away from your pets. It might be cute to see them playing with the ribbon while you wrap presents, but if eaten, those long strings can cause vomiting and sometimes need surgery to remove safely. Also, keep all your festive decorations and candles out of reach of the pets to avoid any broken ornaments or risk any fires or singed pets. Finally, with friends and family coming over, make sure to let them know that although Fido looks positively starved for that food your guests are eating that he is on a diet and too much rich food will make him ill. Have a merry and safe holiday with your friends, family and pets.”



We know a young island hunter who has pictures of deer on his underwear.


We read that Rory Smith has dropped his bid for governor due to political inexperience. Not being like the others sounds like a big plus to us.


It took three months to get a check from TDI after I was out of work for one-and-a-half weeks. I tried to find out why there was a delay in getting the check and it took, on average, a day of busy signals to get through on the phone. When I did, it was 20 to 30 minutes on hold before a voice came on. On my last contact with a human, I was told there must have been a “computer glitch” and “I’ll talk to the manager and see if we can get you a check.” Funny, there were no “glitches” during the past 30 years when TDI was taking money out of my paycheck every week.


‘Holiday Inn’ is the answer to last week’s query, says Judy Garlick, Peter C. Pemantell, Bob Kinder and Barbara-Ann MacIntosh. “The first movie I thought of when I read your column was ‘White Christmas’ with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kay and Vera Ellen,” said Barbara-Ann. “My favorite scene was when the barn doors opened and the snow was falling and everyone was dressed in red velvet with white fur trim Yes, I am a romantic! But that’s another movie. I guess that ‘Holiday Inn’ came before ‘White Christmas.’”

Right, ‘Holiday Inn’ was remade as ‘White Christmas’ in 1954.


And then I’ll get that other pup, the guy who wakes the bugler up...........


In the 1947 movie ‘Miracle on 34th Street,’ Edmund Gwenn played Santa Claus. In the film, what was his real name?


Now back with islander and third officer Shawn Ouellette aboard the MV APL JAPAN.

“While we were crossing the Atlantic, about 400 to 500 nautical miles from Bermuda, we received a distress call from the U.S.C.G. in Norfolk during my navigational watch (2000-2400). It seemed a sailing vessel in the North Atlantic Rally from Newport to Bermuda had lost its rudder. The vessel, ‘Rights of Man,’ was approximately 60 miles from our position, so we diverted to see what we could do. When we arrived at the sailboat, we established radio contact and found that they were attempting to fix the problem and had no intention of abandoning their vessel. Because I was the officer on the radio talking to them, and they had sailed out of Newport, I had to ask where they were from: Avondale, R.I. When they found out I was a Jamestowner, they seemed more at ease, and a bit relieved to have even the slightest bit of a connection to someone from home in that great expanse of water. However, because they had no intention to abandon, we were released from the situation by the Coast Guard, and sailed on toward Gibraltar. We found out later that the crew of the ‘Rights of Man’ was subsequently airlifted off their 42-foot ketch and taken immediately to the hospital in N.C.

“I know it’s a stretch, but if you can, pass along the best wishes of our crew on APL JAPAN to anyone who knows or knows of those sailors on ‘Rights of Man.’”

Thanks, Shawn, and Merry Christmas!

*** Be true!


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