2009-12-24 / Editorial


We’ve got plenty of snow this year, Santa. You and your buddies, the reindeer, should not have any problems finding the proper landing zones on the island for that big red sleigh. Yes, we’re going to have a white Christmas. It will be a merry time for all. But after the holidays are over, you can let Mother Nature know that we’d prefer all new winter storms dump the snow and ice up north on the New England mountains and ski slopes.

While we are on the topic of snow, please put something extra in the Christmas stockings for the Jamestown highway crew. They did an outstanding job of keeping our island roads passable during the blizzard. We also want to thank the highway crew for clearing the mountains of snow from the sidewalks on Narragansett Avenue. It was nearly impossible for folks to park along the street, making access to the village shops and restaurants difficult at best.

It seems like we ask you for the same things year after year, Santa. We must get state spending under control so that we can operate without a budget deficit. It appears that Rhode Island needs to work harder at creating jobs for its residents.

Of course, we can say the same for our federal lawmakers down in Washington, D.C. They’ve got to put people back to work and stop spending money that we don’t have. The Chinese won’t finance our excesses forever.

Santa, please remember those folks here in Jamestown who make the community work so well by volunteering their time. They exhibit the true spirit of Jamestown. Don’t forget those people who are less fortunate. And do something nice for those men and women who are serving their country far away from home.

As you circle the globe tonight, Mr. Claus, spread an extra ration of peace and goodwill.

We could use more of that these days.

— Jeff McDonough

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