2009-12-24 / Letters to the Editor

Whatever happened to Boston Post cane?

On Dec. 23, 1998, the Jamestown Press ran a story about the Boston Post’s oldest citizen cane. Written by Sue Maden and Helen Richardson, they tell how A. Grozier, editor of the Boston Post, purchased 400 to 600 handsome ebony canes with elegant gold caps to be presented to the oldest citizen in towns within the Post’s circulation area.

The article further laid out Mr. Grozier’s plan, which, upon the death of the recipient, would require the cane to be passed on to the next oldest citizen – and so on.

The town of Jamestown, being in the Boston Post’s circulation area, had a Boston Post Cane; however, as Mses. Maden and Richardson report, it has not been seen since being passed on to “the town’s oldest citizen” in 1913.

If you have the opportunity, get a copy of the article and read about Jamestown’s Boston Post Cane; for some, it will be the second reading.

And now, I ask the same 1998 question: Whatever became of Jamestown’s Boston Post cane? The cane made out of ebony with the elegant gold cap?

Any information can be passed along to Arlene D. Petit, Town Clerk, Jamestown Town Hall, 93 Narragansett Ave., Jamestown, RI 02835.
Arlene Petit
Town Clerk

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