2009-12-24 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro
After a long wait and much anxiety, tomorrow is the big day. Santa received the following letters earlier in the week, in plenty of time for his trip south:

Dear Santa (a drawn heart), What I want for Christmas: Frosting tips and frosting bags Hair strataner The American Girl Doll Nicky Cell phone High School Musical 3 movie American Girl doll bedspred American Girl doll suitcase Larg lamp DC shoes Trip to se hydan thollis Rudd

IKEA gift card for $50

(a drawn larger heart and a Christmas tree)


Please bring me a DS and a hello kitty case.


Dear Santa, thank you for the presents you gave me last year:

This year I have been goo

Could you please bring me thees things

A laptop and a koala webkinz


Big kudos to island Postmaster Charlie Burns for his many hours as Santa’s helper and for sharing the letters to the North Pole with us.


Bob Kinder says last week’s poser was, “Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning,” written by Irving Berlin and first sung during World War II.

And then I’ll get that other pup, the guy who wakes the bugler up, and spend the rest of my life in bed.

Now that’s what I call heralding the beginning of winter!


Who was the Jamestown child pictured with the sled during national storm coverage on Fox Report Sunday night?


Maybe it’s just too early in the game, but I thought I’d ask you just the same................


There has been a sudden explosion

of black Labs on the island. A big welcome to the 10 perfect puppies, three males and seven females, sired by Rocky with his companion, Tiller, who reside with Lynn and Robb Roach.

Welcome to all! Check out the You Tube video www.youtube.com/ watch?v=pRj77C7Aopk.



Congratulations to islanders Jim and Joan Breakell, whose J.H. Breakell and Co. on Spring Street in Newport was named the winner of the 2009 Christmas in Newport Door Decorating Contest. It also took first place in the commercial division.


From John A. Murphy: What is

the error inherent in the title of the great soundtrack song “Dueling Banjos” from the movie “Deliverance?”


Let’s see now – 10 billion of our tax money will be given each year to third-world countries governed by dictators and thugs to clean up their environments. Guess who’s going to clean up?


The latest from islander and third officer Shawn Ouellette, somewhere in the South China Sea:

“I’m writing to let you know that the APL JAPAN has successfully made it out of the shipyard and we are currently in the South China Sea, bound for Qindao, China. It’s safe to say that I have personally been into and seen every inch of this vessel. I climbed in ballast and fuel tanks for inspection, even inside the bulbous bow...

“On Christmas, we will be between Pusan, South Korea, and Yokohama, Japan. On NewYear’s Eve, we will be underway, crossing the vast Pacific. Maybe we’ll be crossing the dateline, in which case we celebrate New Year’s Eve TWICE…ha ha.

“Send along the best wishes of the crew of APL JAPAN for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, if you would. I should be back in town arounxd Jan. 8 or 9.”

*** A very Merry Christmas to all.


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