2009-12-31 / Letters to the Editor

Review committee to report Jan. 7

The High School Review Committee will report its findings at the Jan. 7 meeting of the Jamestown School Committee. Tasked by the school committee with reviewing the high schools of North Kingstown and Narragansett, the group has spent the last six months collecting data and making site visits. To hear about the full report and have the opportunity to ask questions, please join the school committee at 7 p.m. in the Lawn Avenue School library.

Over the next several months, the school committee will study the review group’s findings and determine which school is the best fit for Jamestown students. We will weigh many factors, including school culture, academic offerings, student performance (test scores), extracurricular opportunities and, of course, cost.

A “high school of record” agreement is more than a tuition contract – it’s a partnership between two towns and an endorsement of common goals for “our” students.

Be in on the discussion from the start – join us on January 7.
Cathy Kaiser
Jamestown School Committee

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