2010-01-07 / News

DEM changes commercial fishing license

The Dept. of Environmental Management has made several regulatory changes to the commercial fishing licensing program. The changes, which apply to new and renewed licenses for 2010, took effect on Dec. 28, 2009, following an October public hearing and consideration by the R.I. Marine Fisheries Council.

A total of 16 new quahog, 17 new soft-shell clam and three new restricted finfish endorsements on commercial fishing licenses will be available for 2010. The new quahog endorsements will allow for the commercial harvest of quahogs; the new soft-shell clam endorsements will allow for the commercial harvest of soft-shell clams; and the new restricted finfish endorsements will allow for the commercial harvest of any of the six species of restricted finfish: Summer flounder, scup, striped bass, black sea bass, tautog and winter flounder.

Applications for the new endorsements must be filed with DEM by March 1. The applications will be screened, and the new endorsements awarded on the basis of the priority selection process set forth in the regulations.

The amended licensing regulations are available at www.dem.ri.gov. Click on marine fisheries under topics.

Guidance documents for new license applicants can be found at www. dem.ri.gov/programs/bpoladm/manserv/hfb/boating/commfish.htm.

Call 222-6647 for more information.

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