2010-01-07 / News

RITBA announces new toll plans

The R.I. Turnpike and Bridge Authority will expand the number of toll plans to frequent users of the Newport Pell Bridge who own R.I. E-ZPass transponders.

The two new plans are expected to be available by Feb. 15.

With the first plan, drivers will pre-pay $5.46 to cover six crossings during a 30-day period. Upon the completion of either six crossings or the expiration of 30 days, the plan will be re-set and a new charge of $5.46 will be made to the credit card. This plan is advantageous for non-Rhode Islanders who make at least one round-trip a month across the bridge, and who want a frequency discount without a trip minimum to qualify for the 91-cent commuter rate.

The second plan will allow drivers to make unlimited trips per month over the Newport Pell Bridge for a flat fee of $40 for each 30-day period. Any passenger vehicle with a R.I. E-ZPass transponder may opt for this plan.

All transactions will be made via a credit card. The new plan does not correlate to a calendar month and will be renewed automatically at the expiration of the tolling period.

Payment by either cash or check will not be permitted for either plan.

The plans are intended for passenger vehicles and will not be available for multi-axle commercial trucks. Plans may be cancelled as per advance notification policies.

The toll for Rhode Island residents who have R.I. E-ZPass transponders will remain at 83 cents.

For more information, call 877-743-9727 or visit the East Shore Road office in Jamestown.

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