2010-01-14 / About Town

Photo contest winners announced

The Humane Society of Jamestown has announced the winners and runners-up of its Fall 2009 photo contest. The photos of the winners and runners-up will be featured in the 2010 Humane Society of Jamestown Calendar.

The winners are: Abby (bloodhound), Abby (lab), Anita Marie, Apple Jack, Arthur, Baxter, Big Red, Buoy, Casey, Chance, Chloe, Clown, Coco, Fluff, Gwendolyn, Hatcher, Ida Grace, Jesse, Korbel, Luke, Maestro, Mary, Mikey, MoMo, Peanut, Schooner, Sherri, Tender, Tubby, Whiskers and Whisper.

The runners-up are: Benny, Brandie, Cedar, Cricket, Drama, Ella, Ellie, Marley, Rudder, Scooby, Thunder, Toki and Ziva.

Calendars are available for purchase at the Stearns Farms office during regular business hours.

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