2010-01-21 / News

My Turn

By Sunny Hocutt
Recently, Ed, Jan and Dick hosted a holiday party for seniors at the Senior Center.

Delicious food – from appetizers to desserts – covered the tables, buffet style. Food for every taste welcomed us.

We sat at tables and enjoyed friendly conversation with friends and people whom we’d just met for the first time. Kathy Brownell was at our table with Genevieve, whom she accompanies whenever she goes on an outing. It was great food and great fun.

Since it was my first time at the party, my “curious George” nature took over and I asked Ernie how this event came to be. He told me that our hosts were “giving back” to seniors.

Such generosity on their part made my day. It certainly was in the spirit of Christmas.

Thank you so much!

Jamestown’s troop of Daisy Girl Scouts was also wonderfully generous. They filled Christmas bags with many fragrant soaps, creams, lotions and other items. I know I’ll use my gifts for months to come.

Many thanks, girls, for your kindness. Your generosity rings with jingle bells.

Now that we’re into the New Year – I still can’t believe it’s 2010 – I want to offer this advice of unknown Irish origin:
Take time for work.
It is the price of success.
Take time to think.
It is the source of power.
Take time to play.
It is the secret of youth.
Take time to read.
It is the foundation of wisdom.
Take time to be friendly.
It is the road to happiness.
Take time to dream.
It’s hitching your wagon to a
Take time to love.
It is the highest joy in life.
Take time to laugh.
It is the music of the soul.
I wish you all a healthy and
happy New Year.

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