2010-01-28 / About Town

Teen Center to host b-ball lock-in event

The Teen Center will host a three-on-three basketball tournament and lock-in to celebrate its second anniversary. The all-night celebration will take place on Saturday, Feb. 6, from 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. on Sunday.

Teens have the option to stay all night or leave after the basketball tournament. The event will feature a mini-hoop slam dunk contest, games, movies and more, along with prizes for the dunk contest and tournament winners.

Space is limited; admission for the lock-in and tournament is $10 and you must be a member of the Teen Center to stay overnight. Admission for those playing in or watching the tournament only is $5 for members or $8 for nonmembers.

Referees, chaperones and refreshments are needed.

Call Debbie Tungett at 423- 7261 or email dtungett@jamestownri. net for more information or to register.

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