2010-01-28 / Letters to the Editor

Please donate to Haiti

I am very concerned about Haiti. The earthquake is not only a problem for Haiti, but for the whole world. This event affects the stability of all nations because affected countries cannot be seen in isolation and global action is needed.

All of the nations are putting time and money into this problem, but I think one of the things I’m most concerned about is the people who have lost their whole family and children without any parents. A lot of people are adopting these children, but many more are orphans. They all deserve support not only from our community, but from anyone who can give.

I think that if people can donate clothes or food, they should. You don’t even have to donate money. You can help donate at your local Good Will, through the Boy Scouts of America or got to www. worldvision.org/Haiti. I am sure there is some way to donate things to an individual, an orphanage or a family, and I am sure the Haitians will appreciate it.
Sean Ingraham
Age 12

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