2010-01-28 / Letters to the Editor

Say goodbye to bike path, please

In my view, the rapidly forward-moving bike path project envisioned to bisect the North End of Jamestown along the north reservoir is the road to nowhere. From a cost benefit perspective, this project should be silently placed into the niceto have bucket, especially in these tough economic times where improved sidewalks, roads and infrastructure would serve the greater good. More so, as a water customer, I am deeply concerned about any heavy construction equipment near or in the vicinity of this water source.

Being somewhat new to the island since 2008, but not to the water issues, it was somewhat surprising for my water bill to top out at $1,200 after the water rate hikes. How we longed for those familiar $800 per quarter bills, no matter how outrageous for a family dwelling sans pool. With a good deal of help from the water department, the bill is 50% less, albeit a tax by any other name. As a premium water customer, it should come as no surprise that placing this resource at risk with leaky - or any construction equipment, for that matter - is unacceptable. As a taxpayer, rather than these nice-to-haves, many would require that additional burdens have reasonable cost benefit for everyone?

To put it politely, the lack of fiduciary responsibility at both the state and federal level, coupled with falling tax revenues, lends itself to “tough” times ahead. The budget trickle-down effect will eventually affect every community. Perhaps this provides the catalyst in which to expedite questionable projects before the money well runs dry? Some believe it already has, and it is only a matter of time until the feds, the state and the town will have to make some unfavorable budget decisions.

With regard to the proposed bike path, I implore the town of Jamestown to forego these unnecessary expenditures and begin to prepare for what may be our financial rainy days to come.
Blake Dickinson

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