2010-02-11 / Editorial

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Good scores for island students

There was good news to report this week at the local schools. The results of the 2009 New England Common Assessment Program tests showed that Jamestown students performed well.

Jamestown students in grades 3 through 8 achieved 86% proficiency in reading and 82% proficiency in math.

North Kingtown High School students showed improvement in reading, math and writing.

It pays to study hard.

Comprehensive Plan survey

The Jamestown Planning Commission is currently drafting a survey that will be presented to island residents. The survey results will assist the commission in writing a new Comprehensive Plan for the community.

Residents should be asked to rate the importance of affordable housing. That’s “affordable” with a little “a.” Affordable housing, such as residences commonly referred to as “in-law” apartments. That way, folks have a place for the recent college grad or the grandparents. We all know that the cost of housing has priced many people out of the island market.

Another question that should be asked is whether residents believe that public rights-ofway to the water should be protected and have signage. Labeling the rights-of-way helps folks know what is public and what is not.

Another good idea: Polling the public on the disposition of the town property at Ft. Wetherill. Islanders should also be questioned about the Ft. Getty Master Plan.

No professionals allowed here

We don’t understand why the police union would believe it would be disadvantaged if the town hired a professional to assist with the ongoing contract negotiations. After all, the police union employs its own professionals to represent the rank and file.

If the town is being asked by the police union not to have professional representation at the bargaining table, then it is only fair that the union does the same.

Let’s have the town administrator meet with a local representative (a Jamestown police officer) to hammer out a new contract. Then, everyone should feel that the bargaining was fair and equitable for all.

— Jeff McDonough

This week’s question

Each week, we ask a new question at www.JamestownPress. com. This week’s question: Are you ready for Spring?

Here are the responses to last week’s question (as of Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 11 a.m.): Should the Jamestown School Committee select North Kingstown or Narragansett for the high school of record? North Kingstown received 22 votes (76%), Narragansett earned 6 votes (21%) and “I am not sure” got 1 vote (3%).

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