2010-02-11 / Letters to the Editor

Consider the effects of wind turbines

While it is good to think about alternative energy, whether or not Jamestown should build turbines – and where they should be located – should be a matter for public referendum.

While it seems there is a consensus on going “full speed ahead,” I would caution that not all the research on the effects of wind turbines (health issues from low frequency noise and the “flicker” effect, interference with emergency broadcast systems and decline in property values within a twomile radius of a turbine) has been thoroughly explored, and not all Jamestown residents are in favor of building any wind turbines on the island at all (see the Jamestown Press poll).

More and more studies are now being published in Europe, where wind turbines have been adopted sooner than in the U.S., and they are just now scientifically researching the long-term effects of living near wind turbines – and the research is not encouraging.

I strongly encourage our Town Council members and residents living near the proposed sites to take a look at the scientific literature that is building on the health and other downsides of living in too close proximity to a wind turbine. Neither Taylor Point nor Ft. Getty are appropriate locations for a turbine, and even locating one on Beavertail would infringe on those living within a two-mile radius – almost one-fifth of the land area of Jamestown.
Stacey A. Lyon

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