2010-02-11 / Letters to the Editor

Time to consider other energy sources

The residents of Jamestown have always taken steps to preserve the unique lifestyle and landscape of island life. The shoreline all around the island is host to magnifi- cent views, several handsome parks and extensive preserved farmland. Residents take pride in their homes and make efforts to keep the New England coastal charm alive.

Visitors to our shoreline area from all over the world marvel at the beauty of our island and campers take pleasure in the unspoiled charm of Ft. Getty. Jamestown has always held a special place in many people’s hearts.

I do not want to see the Jamestown landscape dotted with wind turbines. Once a wind turbine is placed, it is committed to being there a long time and is visible not only in Jamestown, but from surrounding towns as well.

Clean energy is important to us and I commend the energy committee for addressing this issue. However, alternative sources may be less intrusive. Other towns are considering solar panels, which can be placed on town-owned open fields or flat rooftops, such as school buildings. Solar panels most likely can be hidden from public view and provide a similar energy return to the town. An expanded research into other energy sources should be brought to light and compared to the turbines.

Let us consider all the clean energy alternatives before making a hasty, final decision on something we may regret in the future.
Ursula Parenteau

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