2010-02-11 / Letters to the Editor

Turbine would be a loss for Jamestown

The thought of wind turbines arising in Jamestown makes me shake my head, wonder, and want to ask that famous Jay Leno question: “What the hell were you thinking?”

It appears that what we gain from this project is a small profit at a future time, and the title of being “green.” What we lose is a place of priceless beauty.

Take a walk to the top of the hill at Ft. Getty – especially in the offseason – and slowly make a 360- degree turn. Why would we ever want to construct such an ugly and obtrusive piece of machinery in such a place?

Many people have worked hard over the years to maintain the rural beauty of this island. This project brings limited monetary gain while destroying one of the most beautiful vistas in Jamestown.
Tom Ross

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