2010-02-11 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro
What would you like to have for St. Valentine’s Day?

Cards – Maia White

A non-calorie “gooiest” chocolate cake – Karen Rafanelli

Flowers – May Munger

A very good book – Kate Schnebly

Still waiting for my prince charming. Maybe this year I’ll settle for just a prince – Trish O’Brien

My husband will be home for our 28th wedding anniversary on Saturday and on Valentine’s Day, we’re going someplace special – Andrea von Hohenleiten

Dinner and a relaxing day. Every day should be Valentine’s Day – Dannielle Chobot

A new car – Heather Ryng Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate – Sandra Paterson

Peace and tranquility – Mike Devito


David Urban, proprietor of The Secret Garden, told us last weekend that based on early orders, the big seller this St. Valentine’s Day will be red roses. Second will be mixed arrangements with roses. Get your sweetie’s order in early.


Kudos to islanders Kahn Kurt and Ramon Ibarlucca, both N.K.H.S. seniors, who were awarded silver keys for their entries in The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Inc.’s annual Scholastic Art Awards program at the University Gallery at Salve Regina University. Ramon’s entry was a ceramic and glass pitcher, and Kahn created a green ceramic and glass vase entitled “Coiled Beauty.”


More kudos to islanders Josh and Amanda Nolan, who were awarded their black belts in the style of Okinwan Shorin Ryu at Oceanside Martial Arts in Exeter last Saturday. Josh, 15, is a sophomore at N.K.H.S., and Amanda, 12, is a sixth grader at Lawn Avenue School. According to Sensei Justin Keller, the two worked extremely hard to attain the goal. “It is a long and difficult journey, achieved only by determination, dedication and indomitable spirit.” Their mom said, “We’re very proud of them.” Josh and Amanda will now go on to achieve higher levels of black belt. The Nolans graduated with five other students from the area.


Dorothy Strang writes, “Lyla and I like to find patterns and continuities in our observational walks, but this week’s questions are a grab-bag sampling of Jamestown’s beguiling quirks.”

1.Where, in full public view, can you find:

a) A mother pushing a child on a swing?

b) Three different sheep (one excised in stone, one painted and one in bas-relief)?

c) A series of Depression-era plaques with the head and shoulders of an eagle?

d) A dinghy, off the ground and slightly askew?

e) Chief Conanicus and Roger Williams?

f) A dove of peace excised in stone?

g) An old-fashioned hand water pump – painted blue – on top of a pole?

2. Name the 11 wars commemorated at the Veterans’ Plaza at the town waterfront.

Answers at the end of the column.


A belated happy birthday to Chris Minus from her fans.


Toward the end of Mass at St. Mark on Super Bowl Sunday, Sue Clarke was overheard wondering aloud if the last hymn would be “When the Saints Come Marching In.”


A representative for Blue Chip told me last week that one of the reasons for the 55% increase in my monthly payments is due to “a decrease in federal funding for Medicare.” I guess that means that seniors now have less money to spend on their well-being, which also means less stimulation for the economy.


B.J.’s poser this week: “You were only waiting for this moment to arise.”


Welcome to the island Myles, Monte and Pippi, three kittens adopted last month from the Potter League for Animals in Middletown. Jan Stone adopted Myles and Monte, and the three-year-old brothers were named by Jan’s daughter, Skye, who will be 21 on Saturday (Hugs please for Skye). Jan’s 16- year-old cat, Tara, who was adopted from the Potter League disappeared in September. She went back to the League for the two boys because “I thought it was the right thing to do.”

Pippi, 4 months old, was adopted by Deanna Dunbar. The kitten joins two other females, Koko, 16, and Cleo, 14, and a male, Chicago, 16. “Everything is going OK, the others are accepting her,” Deanna said. Her 8-year-old cat, Desi, was killed in December.


Audrey Hepburn was the co-lead with Gary Cooper in the 1952 film “Love in the Afternoon.”


The 1955 film “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” is a true love story of the romance between a lovely Eurasian doctor and an American war correspondent. Who played the leading roles?


Debra Vierra Murphy and Elizabeth Mancini emailed that the lyrics in last week’s poser from B.J. are from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Freebird.” Kevin Carty also wrote that the song’s music is by Allen Collins and the lyrics are by Ronnie Van Zant. He said the song was released around 1973.


“Freebird” may be one of the sing-along selections at the Jamestown Community Chorus’ spring concerts on May 1 and 2 at the Central Baptist Church. Chorus publicist Jessica Wilson reports that the chorus “is working on its own kind of bird count this season, practicing songs about owls, cuckoos, skylarks, ravens, nightingales, chiffchaffs and wheatgears (whatever those are), among others – having fun as usual.”



We note that man-made things are unable to detect explosives in Iraq. Bomb-sniffing dogs are now on their way to the Middle East to save lives. They are the noblest of creatures.


From John A. Murphy: “I regret being slow on the draw on Peter Pemantell’s question regarding Andy Devine. He was certainly a classic of the ‘funny sidekick’ genre. And, great fodder for 50s trivia questions.

“Andy’s greatest (and oft-repeated) line as Jingles?

“That would have to be: ‘I think I winged him, Wild Bill.’

“P.S. This is definitely too easy, but...which western TV series ended each episode with ‘Aiyyy, Cisco! Aiyyy, Pancho!’”

*** Don’t forget the showing of “Waking Ned Devine” (U.K., 1998) at the Jamestown Philomenian Library’s foreign film series tonight at 7.


Tomorrow is the date Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809. “Public opinion in this country is everything.” From a speech at Columbus, Ohio, 1859.


Answers: 1. a) In front of the Community Center; b) at the flashing red light; on the town sign at the end of the Pell Bridge exit road; on the Early Learning Center sign on North Main Road; c) along the old sea wall; d) over the entrance to Chopmist Charlie’s; e) stone marker at the town waterfront; f) on the back of that same marker; g) part of the Well Works sign on North Road.

Answers: 2.) Colonial Wars; Indian Wars; Revolutionary War; War of 1812; Mexican War; Spanish American War; Civil War; WWI; WWII; Korea; Vietnam.


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