2010-02-18 / Letters to the Editor

Teen Center lock-in thank you

The Jamestown Teen Center would like to thank everyone who helped make the lock-in event a success.

Thank you to all the chaperones who gave up their evening to help supervise, ref the basketball tournament and for coming in early Sunday morning to make breakfast, including Melissa and Kevin Barrett, Lynda Gaines, Eddie Gillis, Gaeli Greene, Ana Irwin, Steph Nocon, Bill Piva and Jo Sleeper.

Thank you to all the parents who donated drinks, snacks and supplies for the long night, including Diane Archibald, Suzanne Bickford, Lynne DeValerio, Duval DiGasper, Laurel Falces, Lynda Gaines, Gaeli Greene, Ana Irwin, Durga Larkin, Pam Lis, Emily Murphy, John Stanford, Barbara Stroud and Robin Tregenza.

We would also like to thank Annette Burke, a yoga instructor from Jamestown who came in early Sunday morning to give everyone a quick lesson and good stretch before breakfast.

Thank you again for supporting Jamestown teens. The night would not have been possible without your time and generous donations.
Debbie Tungett
Teen Coordinator

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