2010-02-18 / Letters to the Editor

Time for realistic choices

Now that the idea of actually having a wind turbine – or two – in Jamestown is registering on the minds of residents, the expected protests are pouring forth. From the outraged ignorant to the NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard), the predicted objectors are beginning to surface.

Before anyone gets too emotional or loses perspective, I would urge all to consider “the alternative to the alternative,” a.k.a. the status quo.

At present, the electricity that we consume – copious quantities of – is created by burning imported fossil fuels; namely, coal and bunker oil. The principal source is the Brayton Point Power Plant located just over 10 miles away from Jamestown. The plant is notorious for its egregious violations of our local environment. According to the Harvard School of Public Heath, the Brayton Point plant is responsible for over 100 premature deaths, 30,000 asthma attacks and 400 pounds of airborne mercury each year, due to airborne combustion byproducts. It is like having 500,000 cars idling all day and night right nearby.

So before you go and get all caught up in emotional sentiments like “the views,” stop and think about the status quo, or worse yet, LNG.

Either we go back to the stone age, or we make some realistic choices. So far, all of the wind energy critics seem to have conveniently forgotten about how we get electricity now.
William Tuthill

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