2010-02-18 / Letters to the Editor

We’ll miss Buddy

My family and I moved to Jamestown this past September and we rented a house in West Ferry. Our first “welcome” came from an adorable canine named Buddy. Although his story is a mystery, he has become my family’s constant. We always have a supply of dog biscuits in the car and the kids fight over who gets to feed him.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as fond of Buddy as we are – especially those in cars and trucks, who are chased down the street or are inconvenienced by Buddy sunning himself in the middle of Narragansett.

I, however, do not mind. He’s our quirky West Ferry friend that always brings a smile to my kids’ faces. I would love to know more about our furry friend and thank his owner, if he has one, for sharing him with us. We will miss him dearly when we move in June.

Candice M. McCarthy


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