2010-02-18 / News

Town funds for snow removal running low after last winter storm

All that white snow gracing our island landscape may be pretty, but it is also expensive. Jamestown’s annual budget for snow removal has been nearly depleted, Town Administrator Bruce Keiser said Wednesday.

Last week’s winter storm left the town with only $2,000 in the snow removal budget account and $15,000 in the supplies account, Keiser said. Jamestown started the year with $20,000 in the snow removal account and $45,000 in the supplies account.

The supplies account saw a major increase in the current budget because the cost of road salt had risen dramatically, he added.

During a typical snowstorm, the town has eight vehicles plowing snow and spreading salt on roads, in addition to the backhoefront loader, which is used to clear larger piles of snow, Keiser explained.

A total of 190 hours of overtime was logged during the storm, he said, as highway crews worked through the night to keep the town’s roads passable and clear of snow. Town employees started plowing snow on Thursday and worked until Saturday morning.

Keiser said if necessary, the town can transfer money from the supplies account to the snow removal account. But, Keiser hopes that at this point in the season, we’ve seen the worst Mother Nature has to offer this winter.

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