2010-03-04 / Letters to the Editor

Update on the Scarecrow Project

I have had a very nice response to the letter I wrote to the Press a little earlier this year, so I think the “Scarecrow Project” is on.

What is it? It is a way to have lots of fun while raising money for hungry people here in Rhode Island.

How? There will be several competitions centered on scarecrows.

In May, there will be a spring scary scarecrow competition with the emphasis on actually scaring birds away from seedlings. In May, June and July, there will be a competition or competitions for creative people to paint, sew, knit, sculpt, draw or quilt scarecrows. You can choose the size and medium, so you are welcome to start now in the dark days of winter.

In October, there will be the major scarecrow competition, with the emphasis this time on creativity. You can use a scarecrow bought from a store but unless you make some adaptations, you are unlikely to win.

Where will the scarecrows stand? They need to be visible from the road in your yard or, if you prefer, you can take them to the Community Farm.

Where will the creative pieces be displayed? I will organize a stall at the CIAA Craft Show.

Each entry will cost $25. All of this money will go to the Community Farm. I had originally thought of the R.I. Food Bank, but this will do far more good as it will generate more food and reach many local organizations, as well as the Food Bank.

Can anyone take pictures of the scarecrows? Hopefully, lots of people will want to photograph your scarecrow, but they will be honor bound to make a contribution to the fund. If they want to use the images to make cards or pictures of their own, they will be expected to give lots of money.

Entry forms will be available in April, but if you would like to let me know that you are intending to join in, it would make me smile and I might get an idea of how many entry forms to print.

Get in touch by e-mail at wknight30@cox.net, or tell me if you see me around town.

Other ideas are welcome, but I will need some help, too.

Does anyone have to feel bad about not joining in? No, this is just for Jamestown and just for fun. Hopefully, we will raise lots of money for a very good cause.

Have fun planning your scarecrow!
Judy Knight

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